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With more than 80 years of  combined experience , JCM Siem Reap Consulting is the #1 in Siem reap

But that kind of success does not come by chance. It comes through years of dealing fairly with our clients and staff

We have always cherished the three pillars on which our company has always stood upon | TRUST | EXPERIENCE | VALUE

Our Strategy

We’re proud that our ATCam Consulting offers top-notch services for cambodians and foreigners affordable pricing! With ATCan Consulting you’ll never feel like you are out of the loop. We are not afraid to tell our clients how it is – good or bad. We know that you need to know…



We are devoted to providing the legal profession reasonably priced, professional and court room experience attorneys in all types of civil cases.



We can provide qualified and experienced attorneys to you upon short notice for almost any court appearance, both civil and criminal.



We can find attorneys to handle depositions, inspections, trials and who can even help you write your documentation.